body shop equipment


Technical Specification


  • LCD digital Chinese and English graph display
  • Equipped with pneumatic and manual operated vacuum cupule device
  • Large puller and waveform welding
  • Equipped unique sliding type puller (Patent)
  • Equipped with many kinds of welding tools
  • Heat, meson, vertical pulling, spot welding, flatten, waveform line, whorl post, OT type pulling ring, triangle shim etc welding function for different plates
  • Equipped with variable welding torch and multifunction puller
  • Equipped infinitely current regulate, for any options
  • Possess 10 modes memory function
  • May optional unique double side welding gun electrode
  • Input voltage: 380v
  • Instant Max. Current: 9800A

AS 1600

The Hirane As1600 Combi unit offers the following features-New Capacitor technology designed by Hirane.

  • Repair dents on Aluminum panels using latest Captive Discharge welding
  • Shrink & Re-tension the repair area on Aluminum panels
  • Repair dents on steel panels using Captive Discharge welding (NEW TECHNOLOGY) or by using normal transformer setting
  • Shrink & Re-tension the repair area on steel panels. There are currently over forty vehicle models using Aluminum panels
  • Due to the design of these panels there is so much reinforcement on the rear side, it is impossible most times to repair the panel resulting in high replacement cost. Now with the Hirane s1600 unit, a panel can be repaired simply.


  • Spot welding machine can reach the best micro processor control, Advanced digital control tech, And special personalize design due to choose the suitable welding places Voltage monitor automatically
  • When temperature of the welder the critical value the welder get to cooling automatically
  • Connect kinds of welding tools
  • Equipped unique sliding type puller (Patent) (Optional)
  • Various pulling power device and different welding torch
  • Equipped with whorl post welding device
  • Welding places can be chosen
  • Repair functions for different steel auto body include stainless steel and other materials
  • Adopt precise time adjustment system
  • One side welding and both sides welding can be chosen
  • Welding needles for vertical pulling plage is available
  • Adopt HUA curve silicon steel chip, 100% copper core transformer
  • Adopt world famous brand DELIXI, OMRON, Panasonic relay
  • Repair functions for different steel auto body include stainless steel and other materials Possess gas filtrate and regulate function
  • Unique cable rack, have front-back flexible function, Can turn 3600 degree
  • Triangle shim direct spot welding repair

AS 1600

Pulling stud welds to the surface of panel, there is no burn though to rear side of panel. No need to remove trims or re-paint rear side of panel.

  • Spring-loaded handle allows operator to apply correct pressure each time to weld stud on correctly.
  • By use of handy puller the operator can massage small dents out gently.
  • Stud is removed from panel by either a final hard squeeze of handy puller or a twist action using a pair of side cutters.
  • After removing dents on aluminum the material needs to be retention, we are the only manufacture who can offer shrinking / re-tensioning tools from the one unit
    • By use of copper electrode we can shrink high points
    • If you have oilcan we can re-tension panel with shrink rod.
    • Other competitors tell you to use gas torch, you have no control to the amount of heat been applied to panel.
  • The technology used to weld the studs is commonly known as captive discharge welding. We charge a bank of capacitors to a high DC voltage, and then the charge is released to weld the stud to the surface.
  • We use electronics to give exact control of this electrical charge; there is a digital display so you can set the required power.
  • A very important feature of this unit we continually charge and discharge the capacitors, meaning that when you press the trigger to weld the stud you get the exact same voltage from stud to stud.
  • One pulling stud welds to all grades of Aluminum panels.