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As an Insurance Company, your customers not only look to you for protection, but also for knowledgeable answers during their times of despair. We are here to help you fulfill the latter promise.

Multi Brand Car Service Repair rather than replace

With a network of over 85 outlets across India and more than 3000 experienced mechanics trained under a stringent programme, you can count on our outlets to take care of your customers needs. By following a strict repair rather than replace formula, we can ensure better business viability for you and a quicker turnaround for your customer's car.

K Srinivasan
K Srinivasan Multi Brand Car Service
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Roadside Assistance Offer your customers, peace of mind

While you offer your customers the confidence of worry-free motoring, you may not be in a position to rush to their side at their moment of despair. By offering 24x7 roadside assistance, you offer your customers the invaluable gift of peace of mind. Worried about its execution? Leave that to us.

K Mahesh
K Mahesh Roadside Asistance
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