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MyTVS Price Promise

At MyTVS, we are committed to transparency and value-for-money. Gone are the days of surprises and unexpected bills when performing scheduled services of your vehicle. By using MyTVS Insta Quote, you can get a highly accurate estimate of the expected cost to perform a scheduled service of your vehicle, based on the make, model, and kilometres run. Please note that the quoted amount is an estimate only; the actual amount that you are billed at your neighbourhood MyTVS outlet is subject to a small variation from the quoted price. We have put in a lot of effort to ensure that our quote is as accurate as possible. If you are happy with the quote received, you can access our map feature located below to locate the nearest MyTVS outlet, and click or call to make a booking. We would like to thank you for considering MyTVS for your car servicing needs.


    The above is an estimate based on the service type selected and does not cover any additional parts or labour which may be required after the work has been started. Occasionally, worn or damaged parts are discovered at a later stage, which may not be evident on the first inspection. Because of this, the above prices are not guaranteed. Quotation on parts and labour are current and subject to change. The above said price are exclusive of Tax. Engine oil rate mentioned is strictly for minerals.